Draw at registration stage

Draw at registration stage

The experience we have gathered during the first editions of the Matterhorn Ultraks have showed it is difficult for the competitors to enjoy fully the draws made during the prize giving ceremonies... especially when you face the weather conditions we experienced. 

We wanted however to maintain the principle of draws, but decided to do it at the registration stage. 

Here is how:


Monthly draw

Each month, from December 2013 until August 2014, we will draw  prize offered by one of our partners. 

Décember 2013; March and June 2014

Two nights in a 3* Hotel in Zermatt
(Friday and Saturday)

January, April and July 2014

A gift from Scott

February, May and August 2014

A gift from
Peak Performance


Three stays in Zermatt to win

As you know, registrations are split over three phases matching three different rates. 

Thus, "early birds" will have to register beore March 31, 2014. The second phase starts on April 1 and finishes June 30, 2014 and finally, for those who need to put in some thoughts before inking the registration form, the last phase goes from July 1 until August 17, 2014.

All the competitors registering during a given phase, will take part to the draw to win a three-day/two-night stay in Zermatt for two, including Hotel and Lifts. 


Aim right !

Although it only is the second edition of our Matterhorn Ultraks Trail, we are keen to celebrate the magic of number 2.

So, we will reimburse the registration fee to anyone entering the Matterhorn Ultraks in the following sequence: 

2 – 22 – 222 – 502 – 602 – 702 – etc. until 1002.

Winners table

2nd registration Refund Fabien Kellerhals
22nd registration Refund Caroline Capt
222nd registration Refund Liven Keymeulen
December 2013 3* Race Accomodation Laura Funosas
January 2014 Scott Bag Vegard Nerseth
February 2014 Peak Performance Bag Louis Kugel
502nd registration Refund Bernhard Walker
602nd registration Refund Damian Sarbach
March 2014 3* Race Accomodation Michel Buijck
Early Bird Period Zermatt week-end for 2 Isa Ludwig
April 2014 Scott Bag Nathan Hobson
702nd registration Refund Frédéric Bisantz
802nd registration Refund Valentin Antonio Anso
May 2014  Peak Performance Bag Michaël Salerno
June 2014 3* Race Accomodation  
Standard Period Zermatt week-end for 2  
July 2014 Scott Bag  
August 2014 Peak Performance Bag  
Last Period Zermatt week-end for 2