A snowboard world champion will take part to Matterhorn Ultraks!


A snowboard world champion will take part to Matterhorn Ultraks!

While looking through the list of competitors already registered for the Matterhorn Ultraks, our attention got caught by a name: Julie Pomagalski.

Julie PomagalskiA quick check and yes, it is indeed THE Julie Pomagalski, boardercross’ world champion in 1999 and winner of the overall snowboard World Cup in 2004 and she registered for both the SkiTouring and the Trail events.

We could not resist to ask her few questions:  

Julie, how did you discover Matterhorn Ultraks ?

My brother, who just moved to Switzerland, discovered this event and offered me the registration as a birthday gift. So we’re going to be a team for the ski event !

He’s very athletic, so he’ll have to wait for me… but that’s life ?

Are you used to compete in this type of events or is it a first?

It’s a first for the SkiTouring. I did few trails before, but short ones. This said, I do a lot of backcountry skiing and I love it, even though am not so fast!

Laurent, your brother, also registered both of you for the Trail in August. What do you think of the two facets concept of the Matterhorn Ultraks ?

I’m stoked with the concept! First of all, the courses are accessible, so I won’t need to train day and night to hope finish the race. And Zermatt is such a magic place that I find great to come back in the summer to discover the same environment than in winter, but in green.

What are your expectations in term of ranking?

I must confess, ranking is not an issue. It is more about the experience and the challenge to share with my brother that attract me.  

Are you still doing snowboard ?

Yessssss ! However, as I do a lot of backcountry skiing, it’s easier with skis. But as soon as there are tremendous conditions, as we had last winter, am keen to take my board. Gliding is my raison d’être.  

What other sports are you doing ?

If I could, I would do sport all day long… I love cycling (both road and mountain bike), hiking, golf and all water sports (surf, wakesurf, wake board, kite, ...).

How to you intend to get ready for the Matterhorn Ultraks ?

I will do a lot of ascents, as much as I can. Run a bit, cross-country skiing. Not easy in the winter when you have a job, but the challenge will force me to get moving!


Thank you Julie. We are truly looking forward to see you in Zermatt for the « 2K » in April and the « 16K » in August. In the meantime, train well !

Julie Pomagalski  Photo Lamiche

Wild space and freedom, Julie knows!                                                                             Photo : Lamiche