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15.04.2013A word from Laetitia Roux

A word from Laetitia Roux

For a long time, I intended to enter the "3K" race, as the course is really appealing. Only few races allow us to climb 4000 summits and live the human adventure of tema of three: The Mezzalama that I'll enter for the third time, the Patrouille des Glaciers, that I raced three times and today, am glad to be the godmother and ambassador of a race that offer courses o a quality comparable with the two mythical races I just mentioned. Even the shorter course will allow competitors to experience the high mountain magical atmosphere. 

Yes, for those who are new to the sport or those, like me, who need to recover at the end of a very demanding and long season of SkiTouring, you can also truly enjoy with the "1K". My current season is quite incredible: five world champion titles, victory in the Pierra Menta with Mireia Miro, two golds (individual and relay with Valentine Fabre) at the World Military Games and I would like to conclude with the icing on the cake with the World Cup in Norway and surely the Mezzalama.

This is why I'll enter the "1K" race. And because I do not want to wait for the second edition before discovering the fabulous spectable and the warm atmosphere that are ahead of us. 

I truly look forward to share this first edition of a race likely to become a great rendez-vous of the SkiTouring calendar. 

This year, will be privileged to to be the firsts to race the Matterhorn Ultraks. 




Two courses are proposed according to the age of the participants. Doing so, even the youngest can enjoy running.

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