Matterhorn Ultraks is proud to have three talented ambassadors: Laetitia Roux, Martin Anthamatten and Dawa Sherpa.
Like us, they share their passion between SkiTouring in Winter and Trail in Summer. Obviously, they'll be competiting in both Matterhorn Ultraks events. 

Let's get to know them better:

Laetitia Roux






Born : 21 June 1985
Place of Birth : Gap (05)
Residence : Savines le lac (05)

Height : 1 m 67
Weight : 50 Kg
HR Rest : 37 bpm
HR Max : 185 bpm

Club: Team Ecrins Hautes-Alpes

Professional Status

- Gendarme Adjoint Volontaire au PGHM de Briançon since June 2011
- Member of the French National SkiTouring Team since 2008


- Diplôme d'État de Masseur Kinésithérapeute (2008)
- Brevet d'État de Ski Alpin (2006)
- Brevet d'État des Activités du Cyclisme (in progress)

What else?!!?

- I like bivouacs and pic-nics with friends; I don't like night clubs
- I like foreign languages; I don't like museums and monuments
- I like adrenalin driven sports, speed, glide (DH, motorcycle, wakeboard, funboard, karting, free fall); I don't like wasting days in front of my computer... like today!
- I like sun; I don't like grey days and wind
- I like nature; I get anxiety attacks in the city
- I like high mountain; I am scared in down in the valley and at sea
- I like listening to music; I don't like jazz
- I like fresh air; I don't like cigarette smoke and pollution
- I like food science and cooking; I don't like ongoing meals
- I like multi-sports events, I don't like swimming
- I like happy people; I don't like blasés and hypocrites.




- A "no-mistake" season - Victories only
Two Gold medals at the European Championships
Winner of the Overall World Cup ranking with 10 wins in 10 races.
1st place Pierra Menta (with Maude Mathys)
1st place Tour du Rutor (with Maude Mathys)
1st place at the Patrouille des Glaciers (New Women Record:7h 27m 31s)
(with Maude Mathys and Séverine Pont-Combe)
Winner of "La Grande Course" circuit

Until 2013

- 5 World Champion titles in Pelvoux 2013: Individual, Vertical, Combined, Team and Relay
- 5 World Champion titles: 2006, 2008 (2x), 2010, 2011.
- 3 times winner of the General WorldCup ranking 2008-2009 et 2012
- 4 European Champion titles: 2008 (2x), 2012 (2x).
- 1st place at Pierra Menta: 2008 and 2011
- 1st place at Mezzalama 2009
- 1st place at Patrouille des Glaciers 2012
- Winner La Grande Course circuit 2012


- Skymarathon World Champion (2010)
- Vertical Kilometer World Champion (2010)
- Vertical Kilometer World Record : 37'55'' (2009)

To learn more on Laetitia, visit her blog and her facebook page.


Martin Anthamatten

Martin's Portrait

Born : 12 September 1984
Residence: Zermatt

Professional Status

- Metalworker
- Draughtsman
- Border Guard



- 2008 Oberwaliser Sport Award 

- 2010 Oberwalliser Sport Award

- 2010 Walliser Sport Award

- 2011 Schweizer Alpen Club
  Best Athlete



- 1st place Patrouille des Glaciers with new course record (5.52.20)


- World Champion in Sprint
- Vice-World Champion with the Swiss Relay Team
- 1st place WorldCup in Tambre (IT)
- 3rd place WorldCup in Gavarnie (FR)
- 3rd place WorldCup in Pelvoux (FR)
- 3rd place - WorldCup General Ranking


- World Champion Team Relay
- Vice-World Champion Vertical



- 2nd place Vertical Kilometer - Fully (31:06min)


- 8th place at Sierre-Zina (2:45:48h)

To learn more on Martin, visit his site and his facebook page.



Dawa Sherpa

Dawa Sherpa

Born November 3, 1969

Place of Birth: Taksindu Solukumbu, Nepal

Residence: Geneva, Switzerland

Professional status: building worker

Marital status: married


Here is only a sample of the numerous successes enjoyed by Dawa in Trail running :

2003     Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc

2005     Les Templiers

2007     La 6000 D

2008     Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (2nd place)

2010     Diagonale des Fous – La Réunion (5th place)

2012     TDS (Traces des Ducs de Savoie)

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Lived 7 years in a monastery
  • Hold a brown  belt in Karate
  • Represented Nepal in cross country skiing at the 2006 Torino and 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

To learn more on Dawa, visit his website here